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Monday, April 12, 2010

Summer 2010 Organ Study

The Summer organ teaching schedule is filling up. This summer I am offeringprivate lessons through Rollins College and Saint Andrew's Conservatory in Sanford, FL. But that's not all. Keep reading.

With Saint Anddrew's newly installed Philip Swartz organ of 3 manuals, 5 divisions, 57 stops, you will have a variety of study options. You may register for 6-12 summer lessons beginning the week of June 7. Call Lillian Van Meggelen, Conservatory Administrator, to inquire about study, 407-328-1139.

The 'kickoff' for Summer study is our featured Young Artist Recital as part of Arts at Saint Andrew's. Come Sunday, June 13 at 4:00 p.m. to hear an exciting recital by Deniz Uz (graduating from Interlochen Academy this Spring). 

  • Organ beginners will have a special 'Organ 101' session to get used to the console and controls the first week of lessons
  • All registered students will have practice access to the Saint Andrew's organ with your own individual memory bank. 
  • All registered students may sign up for the summer field trip (tba) 
  • All registered students will have classes in organ design (with an organ 'crawl' up in the pipes to see and hear how the instrument works), repertoire, and service playing/registration as FREE supplements to private lessons 
 As well, students who register for weekly 45-minute lessons through the Conservatory will have first choice of lesson times and practice access. 

Makeups and vacation absences will be scheduled throughout the summer for everyone's convenience. 

I am personally delighted to have the opportunity of teaching organ lessons and classes, conducting a field trip, and helping everyone get set up with their own practice schedule on the 'new' instrument. The Swartz organ is a fine addition to the church's facilities, and will be featured on recordings, in concerts and more in the coming year. 


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