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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Organ study trip Monday, July 11, 2011

Organ students are invited to travel to Tampa and St. Petersburg on Monday, July 11. The 3 organs to be seen on the trip:

45-stop Dobson organ at University of Tampa (Haig Mardirosian, host)

3-manual 46 stop Flentrop organ in Eckard College Chapel

2-manual 18 stop Flentrop organ in Eckard College recital hall

As always, the trip will be coordinated with lunch break, travel time and sightseeing.

To sign up, contact Dr. Yount at 407-719-2485 (cell) or at

A limited number of guests and friends may join us. (Please indicate how many will be coming with you). Students currently studying with Dr. Yount or another organ teacher may bring organ music and shoes and play each instrument.

Transportation is either independent (in your own vehicle) or sharing transportation with students and parents who desire to save on gas. Bring enough cash for a fun lunch in the St. Petersburg area, and of course a bit to help with gas.

Deadline to sign up: Friday, July 8

Tour leader: Dr. Terry Yount

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