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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Festive Dedication: The Organ at Saint Andrew's

Saint Andrew's is a new church (built 2009) that has installed a newly rebuilt and expanded (originally Reuter) organ by master builder, Philip Swartz and Associates. Designed for the 3-second reverberation of the nave, there are 57 stops in 5 divisions over 3 manuals. Artists who have already played recitals: Terry Yount (dedication, 2010); Deniz Uz (young artist recital, 2010); Samuel Metzger (2010); Dr. George McPhee (Paisley Abbey, Scotland, 2011). The organ and neo-gothic sanctuary were featured in the February 2010 issue of The Diapason. 

The program includes music from the dedication recital, plus additional tracks to fill out the entire 69-minute recording. Copies may be ordered at the church, 407-328-1139 or Cost with shipping is $15. If you have questions or comments about the CD, feel free to use the contact I know you will enjoy the rich, reverberant sound of the organ in the room, and if you like any organ music at all, there is something here for all tastes.

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